Testimonials and Reviews

Michael Wolkind - Barrister and QC

Client Testimonials and Reviews

“I attended every day of my brother’s 2 months trial. He was charged with  5 counts of rape. I had the chance to observe Michael Wolkind “in action” throughout this long period. He was always in control and very proficient. His preparation in the case was well thought out and structured and his performance when it came to cross-examination was articulate and professional. What Michael achieved from that would prove vital in the acquittal of my brother on all counts. Michael’s speeches were so persuasive as well. 

To put it simply, Michael is an amazing QC to have on your side defending you in any type of case. His style, approach and execution is second to none. The whole family had suffered for one year waiting . Allegations  of such nature are awful. My brother is now a free man because of Michael Wolkind QC” 
Brother SK

“When an ordinary family faces extraordinary circumstances, you need to feel that you are in safe hands.   Michael’s support, patience and strength were evident throughout the Appeal.   He truly defends from his heart.”

“You are the most talented man I have ever met … you have given me my life back … you are awesome.”

“Mr Wolkind will fight with the judge, make love to the jury and leave the prosecution wondering what just happened to their dead cert case!”

“He has a charisma nobody is safe from, and he builds an immediate rapport with judges and jurors with his charisma. His cross-examination skills can turn a jury around”

“From the moment I first met you at Bedford Row Chambers your charisma, substance and quality of mind were very apparent. I decided you were the defence advocate I was looking for. For such a busy man, the fact that you were always accessible was very important to me.”

Professional Testimonials

“A star in trials.”

“The best cross-examiner at the Criminal Bar.”

“One of the most humorous entertaining advocates in the game.”

“A fantastic defence advocate with a proven track record of successes in high-profile murders.”

“A virtuoso performer who lights up the courtroom with great stagecraft and verbal facility.”

“One of the few counsel that colleagues will actually take time out to watch.”

“A highly able silk who marries the art of courtroom performance with undoubted substance.”

“Simply the best cross-examination I have ever seen.”

“Sharp as a tack and lightning-quick when thinking on his feet, he can brutally unmask the liar in the box when the opportunity arises.”

A veteran news reporter at the Central Criminal Court comments on his website:
“the defence barrister to watch is Michael Wolkind QC. He is the man
I would choose to defend me if I ever fell foul of the law”.